5 Tips To Passing The AP United States History Test – I’ll Score You a 4 If You Use My Article!

The AP United States History exam is a very difficult test to handle, especially if it is going to be your first AP Test you’ve ever taken. Whether you’re an AP Veteran or you’re new to the game, We’re going to be looking at 5 tips that will guarantee you a better chance at hitting that 3+ mark on your APUSH test.

Tip #1: Know Your Dates.

This is one AP test that you simply cannot guess your way through. Unless it happens to be a DBQ that you’re writing, and even then, you simply won’t be able to make up the important facts of the period. Therefore, You need to know your dates. Why do I say this? Because on the APUSH test I can guarantee that you will see questions such as this; “Using the documents provided and your knowledge of the 1875-1900 period, explain the effectiveness of the Labor Unions at the time” You cannot pull the facts from thin air, and it will prove to be true time and time again.

Tip #2: Take Practice Exams.

Trust me when I say it, This is your best resource right here. You will never find a website that will help you even half as much as practice exams will. 英國升學  Your school should offer practice exams for you to take as it gets closer to test time (Sometime in May). If not, simply go to the college board website and download them and take them yourself! Then using the provided rubric, grade them yourself as well. It will teach you more about the grading process and what the proctors will be looking for while reviewing your essays.

Tip #3: Don’t slack in your class, Seriously.

It’ll come back to haunt you in this test. This APUSH exam cannot be studied for the night before the test, trust me. I’ve had friends try it, and the results were miserable. You MUST pay attention to detail, you cannot simply put the class on cruise control and hope to pass the AP exam, it’ll never happen. If you don’t know the difference between the emancipation proclamation and the Monroe doctrine by now, you’d better switch classes this upcoming semester. The little details will kill you on the test if you’re not dedicated to passing it.

Tip #4: Read, Read, And Read.

OK this one usually gets negative comments. People think “Well if my teacher goes over everything why do i gotta read?”. Well, one major reason is because the teacher can be wrong, believe it or not. Not only that, but actually reading the material will stick in your head longer and more accurately than just spacing out during a lecture, trust me. If you simply can’t read the history book you’ve been assigned, I suggest you buy one! Just do it! You’ll thank me when you get a 4 on the AP United States History test.

Tip #5: Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
Don’t be one of those people asking for all the study guides after class, or asking for prior tests a night before the AP test. Plan ahead, get yourself a good amount of sleep and do your best. You cannot replace sleep before a test like this, You need to go into the test room with a clear mind and an abundance of energy. Hell, I took a 5 hour energy before my test and I almost aced the whole thing. Do what you have to do, Pass the test. Don’t let a year of work go down the tubes just because you were lazy. A good quote I like to reference is this; “Whether I think I can or I think I can’t, In the end, I’m always right.”



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