A Guide to Understanding Field Marketing Staff Terminology

Field marketing agencies will employ staff with a broad spectrum of skills. Staff are generally employed on a contracted basis to complete anything from a one-off day job up to a month-long promotional activity.

These positions can be described as “Event staff”, “Promotional Staff”, “Marketing staff” or “Merchandising staff”. We will explain the differences here:

Event staff

Being paid to be at Glastonbury or the FA cup final may sound like a dream job to some, but it is a reality for some event staff.

Event staff are typically employed to support sporting events, road shows and music festivals. Recent examples include the London Olympics and Reading and Leeds music festivals.

This type of short-term role suits those looking to earn money without the commitment of a regular job, for example, students on term break.

In these roles, staff may undertake a wide variety of tasks including ticketing, distributing information, selling food/drink or merchandise and waiting tables or bar sales. Hours can vary depending on the type of event. A uniform may be provided at certain CISCO STAFF events. Rates of pay are competitive and you may get to see some of the action if you get the right job!

Promotional staff

Promotional staff support in store demonstrations such as taste demonstrations, product demonstrations etc. Staff will be briefed and will need to have a good knowledge of the product or service they are demonstrating to allow the consumer to make an informed decision.

Other promotional staff roles include leaflet and flyer distribution in stores and on the high street.

Marketing staff

Marketing staff cover a similar role to promotional staff, controlling in store demonstrations, verbally and physically demonstrating product awareness with the objective of promoting a brand or range of products.

Merchandising staff

Do you ever marvel at the impressive displays of products at end of supermarket aisles or pick up conveniently located products whilst looking for something completely different? Bags of peanuts in the alcohol section sound familiar?!

Chances are you have been drawn in by the seductive nature point of sale displays!

Designed to attract the consumer with glossy, high impact colour graphics, Point of sale is used to push promotional lines, grab consumers’ attention to products and ultimately drive sales so they must be well set up and managed to maximise their impact. Merchandising staff operate mainly in store implementing, controlling and reporting on point of sale.

Merchandising staff may work for several different field marketing agencies, covering a number of retail stores in their county, so they will know their territory well.

Merchandising staff must pay attention to detail and submit timely and accurate data reports to ensure that the field marketing agency has accurate information to feed back to brands.


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