Alarm Systems – No longer The hassle Of the Past – Thanks Air-Alarm

When thinking about getting alarm systems for their home people generally will start to get a headache when they think of the intricacies of having the system installed or doing it themselves. From getting the motion sensors prepared; to having to set up a subscription plan with a professional monitoring system and getting the system wired into their phone system. Just these few hindrances alone are enough to make some people forget the idea of having a home alarm system altogether.What Is a Smart Alarm System and Why Should I Consider One? | Travelers  Insurance

To be fair installing a home alarm system isn’t the easiest of processes; however in the past couple years it has become much less of a headache and much Gegensprechanlage easier for the average consumer to do; at least on a basic level. Such new products as the SecurityMan Air-Alarm and the Air-Alarm-DL have made the foray into this market to help provide average consumers with a basic yet powerful solution so they too can have an alarm system for their home or business, without having to go through the hassle of having it done by a professional provider. To make this point lets delve into the Air-Alarm a little bit as an example. This way we can get an idea of how it has helped to simplify the process of having an alarm system in your home.

The Securityman Air-Alarm system is a simple yet powerful DIY (Do It Yourself) alarm kit that uses user friendly components and instructions to help make the installation process very straightforward for the average consumer. With this system you have the options that a lot of the big alarm companies provide without having the hassle of hiring a professional or subscribing to a monthly fee. The Air-Alarm system includes many of the vital components that a consumer would expect for their home including motion sensors, door/window sensors, indoor sirens, wireless remotes, and more. Furthermore this system is upgradeable from its basic components to a variety of further enhancements including smoke sensors, panic buttons, and outdoor sirens.

One big aspect people expect from an alarm system is to be alerted when a break-in occurs or if someone trips the alarm. In a lot of cases if a professional alarm system is installed the company that installed it will act as the middle man and alert you if a break-in occurs. With the SecurityMan Air-Alarm you have the option to pre-program up to 5 telephone numbers that will automatically be alerted if the alarm is tripped. At this junction the user can take action in any way they deem appropriate; including calling the system to have it disarm itself if they know the alarm was accidental from a family member or a friend.

As for features the Air-Alarm is no slouch in those departments either. With programmable passwords, audible/silent alarms, interference free wireless transmission, and recordable alarm voice messages this system is packed with the juice to give the average home and small business all it needs to keep their valuables safe and sound.

So if your in the market for a simple and powerful alarm system, but you are worried about the installation, cost, and technical know-how needed; then the SecurityMan Air-Alarm may be a good product for you to look into as it will help ease the headache and make the process much more simplified. However if you are someone looking for a more powerful system that can also be integrated into your security camera system or other surveillance equipment then it may be a good idea to look into companies such as CU1. com that can help you design a more powerful solution

Does the phone company give you free phones to use their service? Does the cable company give you a free TV in every room? They even charge for your cable box. If you need an electrician or a plumber do you think they will come to your house for free? So why would you think that your alarm system would be free? Alarm companies are in business to make money not to give anything away for free. A professionally installed alarm system is very labor intensive and good quality equipment costs money. So why does it seem that every alarm company advertises free alarm systems these days?

It’s ironic that the alarm companies who are providing “security” to home owners have to mislead people to get their foot in the door. They will advertise free alarm systems to attract new customers and lead you to think that the stripped down alarm system you are getting is adequate for protecting your home or try to sell you costly upgrades once they are in your home.

Have you ever seen the tv commercial for the free alarm system installed for only $99. If it’s free than why are they charging $99? That should be the first clue of what you are about to get for free.

I have personally installed over 1, 500 free alarm systems as subcontractor for one of the biggest alarm companies in the world. Subcontractors are great because they pay for their own expenses and drive their own vehicles saving the alarm companies tons of money. I was trained for only five days and sent out the next Monday morning to install my very first free alarm system. I was nineteen years old and got paid only $75 for each installation. It took me eleven hours to complete the job and I still had to go back the next day with another installer to see why it wasn’t working properly.

The truth is that free alarm systems are not free. The secret formula for free alarm systems is to install the cheapest equipment, have it installed by someone with very little experience (cheap labor), charge $10-$15 a month more than you normally charge for central station monitoring, and lock the customer in a five year contract. At the end of the contract the customer ends up paying full price for their alarm system, and once the monitoring contract is expired they will continue to pay the inflated monitoring fees for the alarm system that they now own.

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