Domestic Helper Agency – The Right Way To Complain To A Domestic Helper Agency

It is rare that a domestic helper agency receives complaints, but sometimes even the best ones encounter problems. If the employers think they are dissatisfied with the service provided by the agency, it is not advisable to rush and pick a fight. There is a right way to express dissatisfaction and leave everyone happy and at peace.

If you availed of a maid service but you are not happy with the results you have to make an assessment first to know what you’re complaining. Take a look at every corner in your home and list down your issues. If possible, try to point it out reasonably when you contact your agent and it is better to show proofs so your claims would look credible.

When you needed a domestic worker recruitment service and online domestic helper hong kong  it has been provided but you’re not happy, you can still do something. Determine the strength of your case. Be honest and ask yourself, do you have a right to complain? Go back to your previous agreements or contracts and if anything has not been fulfilled or violated, you do have the right. It’s all about having the right argument first.

After determining your issue of complaints, and established your point to the agency the next thing you should tell them is how you would want the issue to be resolved. What do you think is fair and satisfactorily to your situation? Ask them on their part how they are willing to resolve the issue. If they refuse to comply you still have the option to go to a higher court. Keep in mind that everyone has off days. It’s how they resolve the issues that matter.

It’s okay if the domestic helper agency fails to fulfill a promised maid service or domestic worker recruitment. No company is perfect, nothing is. It’s how they are willing to make up for it that matters. On your part, always look on how to handle things fairly so everyone ends up happy.


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