Easy Writing – How to Be Lazy and Make Money Writing

Want to be a lazy writer and make great money writing anyway? You can, when you get out of your own way. Most writers could sell much more than they do, if they got over obsessing over each word, and put energy into selling their words.

Here’s how to be lazy, and still make money writing.

1. Make Writing the First Thing You Do Every Day

Writing is a whole-brain activity. Write first, before you do anything else. Try it. You’ll be amazed that when you do, you’ll write more during the day too.

However, if you write later in the day, when the day’s activities have already scattered your energy, you won’t write as much. You’ll also find writing more challenging. Writing first each day is perfect for lazy writers, who just want to get the writing DONE, and go play golf, or spend the day beside the pool.

2. Create: Write Junk, It Will Get Better when You Revise

Writers who write little obsess over their words. If you accept that creation is messy, you’ll write more. Remember that the mind state you need for creativity is very different from the mind state you need for editing. If you keep switching between these mind states, you’ll get frustrated.

Therefore, when you’re creating, just best essay writing service reddit create. Accept half sentences, misspellings, and notes to yourself in the middle of your writing. I bracket my notes myself [this is a note to myself about something or other] and just keep writing.

3. Timed Writing Frees You, and Increases Your Income

Here’s a tip for those times you’re under deadline. Use timed writing. Timed writing is just what it sounds like. Let’s say you have a deadline for ten articles by noon tomorrow. Give yourself 15 minutes to research, and then another 15 minutes for writing. When you put a time limit on an activity, you’re focused, and you write more. Try it.

4. Write It, Sell It: Let Buyers Come to You

A lazy writer doesn’t bother hunting for writing jobs. He lets his buyers come to him. He advertises his services. He uses tools like Web sites and blogs to promote his name. Try writing the easy way. You can be a lazy writer, and still make money writing.


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