Eczema Diet – The Magic of A Colon Cleanse

One of the things that keeps me permanently clear of eczema 旺角通渠  is doing a colon cleanse. I do a colon cleanse at least once or twice a year.

Each time I follow one, I am shocked at the waste that gets expelled (and I won’t go into too much detail here). I also feel more energetic and alive than before. I use a proprietary herbal solution now because I find it more efficient and I can actually see the mucoid plaque when it gets expelled.

When I suffered with severe eczema I remember doing my first colon cleanse. After a couple of days I passed a length of mucoid plaque that was about 17 feet long. Yuk!

If you really want to eliminate your eczema then I suggest you do one. What should happen during your colon cleanse is that a thin film of mucus which attached itself to the walls of your intestines is detached and released from your body.

This film of mucus can only develop if the food you eat is wanting and the health of your body begins to deteriorate. In other words if you are totally healthy, if your body is in tip top condition your body will not produce any mucoid plaque.

The build up of mucoid plaque develops because you continuously subject your body to drugs, asprin, alcohol, salt, heavy metals, dental mercury, toxic chemicals, parasites from red meat, harmful microbes and other toxic chemicals.

Once this mucoid plaque attaches itself it loiters growing in thickness and depth. The intestines will not eliminate it of its own accord. This stuff can and does hang around for decades becoming firmer and thicker and more widespread. Old faeces also attaches itself to the plaque and cannot be eliminate during normal bowel movements.

This chemical cocktail dramatically slows down the intestinal action that is both waste excretion and nutrient absorption. It harbours bacteria and parasites and it blocks normal outflow of lymph and mucin drainage. Eventually this plaque ridden environment is perfect for the growth of cancer and other long term diseases. Your eczema is just an early warning. It has to go as over time your immunity is compromised and you begin to suffer increased ill-health.


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