Gummy Bear Silicone Implants: A Safer Surgical Way to Augment Breast Size

What do a 19th century German confectioner and a present day plastic surgeon have in common? Gummibärchen or Gummy Bears. Back in the 1920’s when Hans Riegel in Bonn, best sleep gummies Germany created the pop colored chewy goodies; little did he know that his creation will gain popularity in a plastic surgeon’s operatory room.

Form-stable implants or Gummy Bear Implants are not a sudden over-night discovery, but they are the 5th generation cohesive gel implants, given the anfractuous journey silicone implants have undergone.

What started as a lab experiment by two plastic surgeons and a dog named Esmerelda; followed by a pilot implant in Timmie Jean Lindsey in 1962 – underwent the scanner and suspension from 1992 to 2006, due to health risks caused by leakage of the silicone gel – has undergone an overhaul and enough and more research and development to be established as the safest and the most advanced option in Augmentation Mammaplasty or Breast Augmentation.


The moniker “Gummy bear” for these implants was actually coined by a plastic surgeon, owing to consistency of the material inside the outer shell. The first image is bound to be that of the chewy, resilient jelly much like its homonym, these implants are far from being solid like the candy, in fact like their 4th generation predecessor; they too are made of a highly cohesive gel encased in an outer shell. best sleep gummies

However the major improvisation comes in the quality of gel, that due to cross linking within the shell is more stable, even when cut in half, thereby enhancing the shape and longevity of the implant.

This implant is also referred to as the Shaped Implant. Unlike the traditional silicone implants which are round all over, the Gummy Bear implants are shaped, such that they have more projection at the bottom and tapered towards the top. This characteristic tear drop shape has not only earned it the name but also contributes to stability and provides a natural aesthetic silhouette.


Being the latest genre of silicone implants, shaped implants have obvious advantages, particularly those addressing the previous complaints and complications related to breast implants.


    • Owing to the distinct shape, the breast conforms to the form of the implants and not the other way round. This also means that with time and, not only will it alleviate sagging and drooping appearance but the shape of the breast will remain the same as that at the time of initial implant.


    • Since the gel inside the shell is more cohesive than the traditional silicone implants and the cross linking further strengthens it, the gel is less likely to move or shift within the shell thereby reducing the chances of fold or ripples.


    • Leakage is by far the most common concern of anyone investing in a breast augmentation procedure. The probability of this complication is countered by two mechanisms; lesser chances of folding and rippling, thus the continuity of the outer shell is intact and secondly the highly viscous gel does not flow and enter the spread into the surrounding tissues.


    • Capsular contracture is one of the most dreaded complications in any surgery involving an implant or prosthesis. The case is no different in breast implants. In the event of breach of the outer shell the gel escapes and the body recognizes that as an irritant that in turn throws the immune system into an overdrive resulting in fibrosis, distortion and pain. With reduced chances of rupture, leakage and flow, the risk of Capsular contracture is significantly reduced in gummy bear implants.


  • Post Mastectomy i.e. near or complete breast removal due to medical reasons gummy bear implants are an excellent choice because it does not require existing breast tissue and holds form and provides shape on its own.



Like any surgery, Gummy bear implants too have its shared set of complications such as infection, bleeding, discomfort, implant rupture and Capsular contraption.

Because the gel is thicker, the implant is stiffer hence a longer incision is required to insert them.

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