Libraries Stay Relevant in the Digital Age With 4G

Libraries are places that most people attach to fond childhood memories. Many people remember when they signed their first library card and think fondly of the stacks of books they would take out every week to bring home for bedtime stories each night. As people get older though and pass through school and university, libraries seem to be places they just don’t frequent anymore until they have their own kids and take them for those first magical reading experiences. However, this is beginning to change. With the advancement of wireless internet technologies libraries are staying relevant in the face of the digital age and they are winning back adult members.

Many people feared that with the dawn of downloadable books that libraries would lose their relevancy. In the beginning, when inventions like eBooks came out membership activity did, in fact, drop across the country. However, since then local libraries have begun to bounce back by adapting to the new environment. Now many libraries are tuning in to using technology to their advantage instead of viewing it as the enemy. With 4g capabilities, many libraries are attracting young and older people alike to come in. They are spaces that often offer wireless internet and lots of tools and ideas for how best to use the web for what you are looking for. controlled digital lending It makes the library a more welcoming and technology friendly place to have this kind of connectivity.

In addition to adding wireless internet to their locations, many libraries have also moved towards lending out eBooks and eReaders inside the library. They have adapted to paperless models and now offer this kind of reading technology to people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. How this usually works is that the library purchases electronic readers and laptops and then also buys eBooks online under the library account. If someone requests an eBook, they can borrow a laptop or an eReader in-house and use it there. Some libraries also lend out temporary passwords to those who have eReaders or computers at home to read eBooks on. They can then create temporary lending accounts so that people can also borrow eBooks from the comfort of home as well. In this way, libraries are using current technology to adapt to the changing world of reading.

Other ways that libraries are using technology to keep their members active is through using social networking tools and email. Libraries have realized the fact that most young and middle aged adults are the ones who have stopped frequenting their aisles and shelves. They also know that this has a lot to do with the fact that these adults are the most technologically connected and advanced. For this reason, many libraries have begun to do community building and outreach through social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter. They have paired this outreach with events that this population of adults might find interesting, then they use the online forums to keep these members up to date about the changes at the library as well as upcoming events of interest. In this way, libraries are also using 4g and internet technologies to do outreach and keep people connected.

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