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They also have had to better integrate their processes and systems to improve supply chain visibility. Logistics companies typically use transportation management system software to help meet the demands of transport-related logistics. Transportation management focuses on planning, optimizing and executing the use of vehicles to move goods between warehouses, retail locations and customers. The transportation is multimodal and can include ocean, air, rail and roads. Many companies specialize in logistics, providing the service to manufacturers, retailers and other industries with a large need to transport goods. Some own the full gamut of infrastructure, from jet planes to trucks, warehouses and software, while others specialize in one or two parts.


That means you’ll need to keep calm under pressure and communicate effectively to stakeholders who are likely under pressure as well. Logistics and supply chain careers are often-overlooked by the public—so let’s dig in to what you may have missed so far in your career search. Upgrade to a Plus level membership and take advantage of additional benefits and savings with discounts on all your certifications. If you are no longer a student, you can either renew as a professional without a discount or see what other discount plans you may be eligible for. 3PL (third-party logistics) partners are outsourcers that handle warehousing, fulfillment and returns of certain goods for a fee.

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Reverse logistics denotes all those operations related to the reuse of products and materials. The reverse logistics process includes the management and the sale of surpluses, as well as products being returned to vendors from buyers. Reverse logistics stands for all operations related to the reuse of products and materials. Typically, a logistics management system includes inbound and outbound transportation management, warehouse management, fleet management, order processing, inventory control, supply and demand forecasting, and management of third-party logistics service providers.


Outbound logistics is the process related to the storage and movement of the final product and the related information flows from the end of the production line to the end user. The complexity of logistics can be modeled, analyzed, visualized, and optimized by dedicated simulation software. The minimization of the use of resources is a common motivation in all logistics fields.

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The strategy audit and any resulting logistics system redesign or corporate strategy adjustment will serve to bring logistics efforts into alignment with corporate needs in the short term. Unless some formalization of the process takes place, however, there is little guarantee that logistical considerations will continue to be taken into account in the strategy formulation process. The examples that I cited at the outset of this article serve to suggest ways by which this may be accomplished. With 集運 continued growth of individual customer orders, it may once again become possible to ship directly from plants to customers, as in the initial stage of the company’s life cycle. But this time the shipments may comprise single products moving in vehicle-load quantities.

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