Make All Your Junks Extinct For 2014

It’s the New Year and everyone is so busy rereading and reviewing junk a car for cash their resolutions list. While all the others are very excited to make some major transformations this year, you just sit there your sofa completely unmindful about wanting to do something different for 2014. Who believes in resolutions, anyway? They are just a bunch of silly promises one tells the world during New Year for him or her to feel a particular sense of belonging. That’s why we are not going to force you to alter your ways. Instead, we are inviting you to a challenge! Dispose of all your junk from the past year – from old clothes to junk cars. Can you do it?

Old Clothes

Well, it is usually during the New Year that we are given an invisible clean slate to start over with our lives in so many aspects. Brought about by culture and tradition, we have gotten used to having ourselves reinvented for the better. Here’s the first challenge! Go over your closet and find usable and pleasant pieces that you do not wear anymore. Segregate and fold them neatly in a box and deliver it to the nearest charity organization in your neighborhood. Trust us, you will not only make space in your closet for possible new purchases this year, but you will also make others feel happy about your generosity.

Old Books

Challenge number 2! You have recently noticed that your bookshelves have crowded up a little leaving your other books in tall piles on your table. What do you need to do? It’s either you call your favorite carpenter to build you a new shelf or you give some of your literary treasures away to a public library, where more people can read them. We choose the latter. Well, books are actually hard to let go because the literary characters you meet along the way become your friends in one way or another. But you can look at it this way! You might just be passing up an opportunity to share what you know to a bigger population if you won’t.

Old Habits

Do you have habits that hinder you in actually reaching your full potential? Let them go and be successful in anything that you want to do. Of course, that means cutting off your time spent on the couch watching TV until wee hours in the morning, cooking and eating healthier meals, saying no to drinking session invites from colleagues, and more. You can do the third challenge. Just do it one step at a time.

Old Friends

Fourth? Everyone has a toxic friend that he or she wants to get rid of. This may come very rude but yes, you have to lose that fear and start making confrontations that are long overdue. No, it doesn’t have to become dramatic. Just be honest and express your points without your friend interrupting you. You can still continue your friendship, but this time you have conditions that needs to consider. Do it gently though.

Old Cars

The last challenge is you call a junk car company that says “we buy junk cars”. Since yours hasn’t been driven in a while, don’t you think it’s time to have it towed to its last pit stop? A junk yard is not a bad idea at all.


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