Older Headphones Vs Latest Versions

The field of technology is an ever evolving one. There are new additions in hardware and software everyday, which keeps the market afloat. With the latest technology, you need the most recently updated hardware. Nowadays, voice chat and video conferencing is very popular via the internet. This requires the use of headsets. These headsets can be cheap ones of local make or expensive ones like Skype headset.

These headsets are hearing devices, also known as Head phones. These in actual terms are miniature speaker systems that can be plugged into the ears of the user, which provides clear sound and mobility to the user.

Traditionally headsets had two large round shaped padded speakers for each ear. These ovular ear cups were attaches to an arch shaped headband that was worn thop tv letest version download over the head like the traditional head band. These headphones were not plugged in the ears like the present day headphones, but were adjusted and placed immediately outside the ear openings. Because of this and also due to their bulky shape, these were not that comfortable to wear.

These cups were attached to each other by a single wire coming from both the cups. These wires were joined together as a single wire at the mid and then attached to the audio player or radio or computer/laptop, iPod, etc with the help of the headphone jack at the end of the wire. These headsets can also double as speaker and microphone, used while video chat and video conferencing.

The present day headsets are the evolved and modernised versions of the yesteryear headsets. These are amazingly light weight, cordless, almost negligible in size and sight, gives wonderful sound quality without any noise or disturbances, highly comfortable that sometimes user might forget that he/she has something plugged in their ears and sturdy and durable. World’s leading technology companies have come up with their own headsets that are technological wonders like Skype Headphones and ear buds.

Today’s headsets are not limited in functionality like their older counterparts. Most of them double up as speakers, duplex wireless transceivers, Bluetooth headset, radio headsets that have a minuscule radio signal receiver fit inside them.

Most of the present day headsets are extremely comfortable as they are small in size and snugly fit the inside of the ears. Because of their negligible weight, the user does not feel a burden on his/her ears. Moreover, most of them come without the arch shaped headband that makes them all the more non-interfering. The latest versions are cordless, that is they come with a ‘no string attached!’ that is no irritating cords.

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