SEO for Business: Selecting and Implementing the Most Effective Keywords and Keyphrases

Considering the vast number of internet searches carried out every day by people all around the world, picking the right keywords or keyphrases for your business website is fundamental to SEO success. Whether you’re focusing on paid search, organic search, or a pay per click (PPC) campaign, failing to identify the most important keywords and keyphrases for your business will harm your ability to effectively market to your target audience. The following suggestions will help you select the most appropriate keywords and keyphrases, and demonstrate how to use them effectively as part of your ongoing online marketing strategy.

Attracting Your Target Market

Any business serious about improving their SEO power will soon find that single keywords are rarely used as a successful way to attract relevant traffic to a website. Using more specific keywords in groups of two or more will minimize online competition and attract more qualified traffic. This should ultimately lead to more genuine interest in your products and services and convert into more sales.

Focusing on the keywords and keyphrases that best represent your company, products, and services will help to shape the overall content strategy of your website. Keeping this concept in mind will ensure your visitors are more likely to remain on your website for longer, and ensure you are not misleading Google or your potential customers with underhand SEO tactics.

Positioning Keywords and Keyphrases for Greater SEO Power

Because every page of your business website is important to your SEO power, it’s essential to exploit every opportunity to maximize keywords and keyphrases. Remember that specific elements of your site’s HTML code are used by search engines to rank your site. If you don’t have access to this code, it would be worthwhile asking your web developer for help. For example, the page titles and meta description tags are recognized by search engines to determine the relevance of your website. SEO Agency in Doncaster 

Including keywords repeatedly in the content can make your content unreadable. Many sites are still guilty of keyword-cramming, and this only frustrates visitors who are simply looking for relevant information. To increase your SEO power, include valuable keywords in the links on your site, and in the Alt Tags to each image on your site. Another effective way to boost your rankings with the search engines is to use your primary keywords within your actual domain name. Before you even secure your domain name, research the most effective keywords for your sector of the market.

Investing the Time in Analytics Software

Too many businesses fail to update their websites to make them constantly relevant to search engines. Investing in software like Wordtracker will help you focus on the most effective keywords and keyphrases for your specific business sector.

Using Google’s AdWords Keyword Research Tool or Google Insights for Search, you can examine search volume patterns across a number of different categories, including a specific regional search, which could help you focus on key geographical areas of your customer base. With this simple yet powerful SEO tool, you can identify related keywords that you may have overlooked. For example, people searching for hair products might also be searching for comparison and review sites for the same products. Effective SEO is all about attracting the relevant potential customers to your website.

The Importance of Engaging Prospects

It can be difficult to compete with larger websites, when these sites have so many pages to repeat their keywords and keyphrases to improve their SEO power. Consider adding more pages to your website with relevant keywords to highlight your relevance to the search engines. Another effective strategy is blogging. By regularly updating a blog with fresh material, you can help increase the frequency of keywords and keyphrases throughout your site. Contributors to your blog will also be adding regular content that is in line with your marketing material and sales strategy.

Always listen to your customers and prospects. With consistent engagement, you can determine the most popular words and phrases people use to describe your business, products and services. This can help with compiling a more natural and appropriate set of keywords and keyphrases to use on your site.

By carefully researching the most effective keywords and keyphrases, you can make your website not only relevant to your potential customers, but also relevant to the major search engines. Use your research to drive your overall content strategy, but always remember to maintain a user-friendly website that is attractive and relevant to any potential visitor. Following these guidelines should enhance your search engine rankings, improve website traffic, and give you a better return on investment for your SEO efforts.

Douglas Hutchings is an entrepreneur and small business owner with a passion for saving costs and eliminating inefficiencies. Douglas founded his first company while finishing his engineering PhD at the University of Arkansas and was immediately hooked on building companies.

Douglas founded myDealCompass [] in 2011 which seeks to disrupt the daily deals industry by giving business owners the tools they need to do their own digital coupons and daily deals. myDealCompass was built from the ground up from feedback from small business owners facing the challenges above and is designed to reduce your advertising costs, increase your foot traffic and grow your revenues.

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