What Is Social Media Optimization & Marketing?

SMO is an acronym for Social Media Optimization. It’s also known as SMM (Social Media Marketing). If you don’t know what social media is already smm panel, they are websites that have a community of people with similar interests that allow its users or members to network and communicate on various topics. Prime examples are Facebook, MySpace, Digg, and Squidoo. There are already hundreds of social media website currently online. The chances are you are a member of one or ten of them.

SMO is still a developing discipline of online marketing. It is very different from traditional marketing. It doesn’t involve banner ads or any other commercial to convince you to take action سيرفر بيع متابعين, but rather SMO sells by recommendations of others, specifically others that are trusted with similar interests. Facebook has become the leader in this field with its Fanpages and “Likes”.

The first step to SMO is to become a member rather than an advertiser cheapest smm panel. Participate in forums, comments, and build a reputation. This will take time just like any real online marketing programs. When you have found a base of members with similar interests, you can encourage your fellow members to re-post links. Just like in traditional linking methods, you must link to something of quality.

The second step is the make your website linkable. That mean creating a dynamic site where it is updated frequently, users can be involved, and have a reason to keep coming back. An easy and simple way is to create a blog. Notify your readers via social media when you post. This is a great way to build a reputation and to drive traffic to your website.

To build reputation, give something back the community. For example, create a free PDF or a video that your members can use and re-distribute. This goes a long way with your reputation.

The key to SMO is the build a trusted reputation. Fooling or pulling the wool over people’s eyes will work against you. Look at it like your own community of friends and co-workers. If you are a cheat or dishonest, you will be exposed for it and lose friends

Search engine optimization (SEO) combined with today’s social media marketing (SMM) and content distribution provide unparalleled brand exposure. Maximizing content distribution and engaging in social media marketing can mean a huge boost in sales to any company.

Traditional direct marketing and SEO tactics like website structure and on-site optimization are still vital. You need to ensure error-free code and that your website content is relevant to your ideal prospects. If your content doesn’t prompt a visitor to call, email or complete a form asking for more information or a downloaded document then it has simply failed. Rewrite it. Persuasive and benefit-oriented content written directly for those that meet your ideal customer profile will convert visitors into loyal customers.

As you create content you must then distribute it via social media sites, ping hubs, RSS distribution sites and search engines. Combining that with other Web 2.0 strategies like social bookmarking amplifies the results. This effectively elevates your brand and also increases your search engine rankings. Combining this on-site content distribution with off-site website promotion effectively reaches your ideal prospects.

Social networking website usage is expanding rapidly. Facebook just topped half a billion members. Twitter just announced their 20 billionth tweet. Two months before that Twitter broke the 15 billion mark, and 5 months before that they hit 10 billion. Paying attention to this rapidly growing channel is imperative for brand exposure today.

To get the most mileage out of social networking and SEO you need to carry out a gradual but continual growth of your online and social presence. LinkedIn is currently the most popular professional social media site. Growing your LinkedIn connections on a regular basis will ensure you are reaching the most relevant audience for your published content. Since Facebook is the biggest social media web site you should also find relevant and participate in them to make sure that when your friends are in need of your services you are the first one they think of. If you have several products and services then it is suitable to create many Twitter accounts and connect all of them to a continual stream of content about each product and/or service.

If you make an effort to grow your social media connections too fast then your accounts will probably get banned. The same concept is true for search engines. If you grow your online presence too fast then your web site be penalized and dropped from the search engine results pages. A continual promotion is required, ideally across a years time.

The take away? Formulate a clear definition of your strengths and what separates you from others. This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Then see where you will fit into the social media landscape and apply yourself to it. For example, MySpace may not be appropriate for many companies. Do a competitive analysis. Create an SEO-optimized WordPress blog to distribute content written directly to your ideal prospects. Create real relationships and provide valuable solutions through all of your content. Develop your brand. Possibly contact a professional SEO company to guide you in this process. Start today.

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