Why Real-Time Payment Processing Is Important for Managing an Event

At present, event organizers are increasingly becoming dependent on the online event registration system in order to provide maximum convenience to the attendees. The Cloud-based event registration software offers on-demand signing up for attendees and payment processing solutions to manage events of any size and complexity. Moreover, the convenience of real-time payment processing, along with its multiple options, can help you attract a large number of attendees. In this article, we are going to discuss why real-time payment processing and authorization is important for successful event management.

Simplicity in Registration and Convenience

With features, such as real-time authorization, you can seamlessly prevent any fraudulent transaction. Such conveniences are likely to encourage interested people to register for your event. It facilitates payment processing, and that too, with increased efficiency.

Multiple Payment Options Increases Registrants

Providing the convenience of multiple payment option, you can attract a large number of potential attendees. It helps them make payments using multiple payment gateways, such as PayPal, credit and debit cards, online wire transfer, purchase orders, and so on. Without this feature, you may run the risk of losing a large volume of potential attendees, who may abandon the registration process mid-way. Thus, providing this convenience, you are likely to enhance your market reach.

Eliminate Fraud Concerns with Instant Payment Options

Many a times, your potential attendees block the seats by making advance booking, but fail to pay for it promptly. In such circumstances, you have either to call them up constantly reminding about payments or have empty seats on the event date. Such discrepancies always lead to a great loss to your revenue generation. With a real-time payment processing solution, you can prevent such problems. payment reminder You can also send instant confirmation mails to your attendees once they complete the registration procedure. It can be a win-win situation for both you and your attendees. While you are assured about the number of people showing up for your event, your attendees can get instant confirmation on his registration.

Convenience of Closing Deals

The online event management solution, with real-time authorization feature, helps you process the transactions as long as the seats are available. If there is no seat left, the registrant will be directly transported to the waitlist page.

Moreover, if the registrants do not have enough funds or the card is not valid, the transaction is terminated. It leaves your seats open for other interested parties, thus offering you a chance of generating revenues.

Use event registration software today to enjoy the myriad of benefits offered by the real-time payment processing features.

Jonathon is a professional event planner. Event professionals worldwide are increasingly relying on automated software to streamline the online event registration, payment management, and attendee relationship management. Acteva is the market leader in providing event registration solutions at competitive price.

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